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HOLIDAY-CLUB-EXPRESS.com is a web site exclusively dedicated to search, comparison and sale via partners, of holiday clubs in France, Spain and Italy. This site enables you to find in only 1 click the sought products, to compare fairly the offers of the merchants on line, according to criteria (geographical or formula). The results are classified fairly by increasing prices. HOLIDAY CLUB EXPRESS proposes almost all the French offer of holiday clubs sold by professionals. HOLIDAY CLUB EXPRESS directs you toward merchant sites to make your booking, once your research ended. Our concept is exclusive since it makes it possible to compare available products according to criteria, and then buy them in full safety on famous web site partners. This site proposes in the found results, "Our favourites" which are clubs, often tested for you, offering the best price per value, in order to guide you in your choice, among a wide choice of holiday clubs.
Why a comparator of holiday clubs?
First of all, because there is no web site that really makes it possible to compare the offers of holiday clubs by selecting criteria other than tariff of products. Moreover, comparators of prices often present their results according to potential incomes for the site and do not offer a fair vision of the offer of market. We propose a search engine directed to consumers which results match above all their criteria. Moreover, our experience and knowledge of the market enables us to advise Net surfers on products offering the best price per value.
What allows you HOLIDAY CLUB EXPRESS :
- To seek a product according to criteria among thousands of holiday clubs offers - To find the best price easily among available stays only - To compare similar products - To buy products on selected partners websites - To be advised in your choice - To receive by email our best deals matching your criteria.
Our company:
HOLIDAY CLUB EXPRESS.com is a website of Destination Express, French company registered with the RCS of Creteil under number 515 038 248. The company is made up of a team of professionals, recognized and specialised in holidays in France, Italy and Spain. Our trade consists in developing and managing websites specialized on various offers of holiday clubs, everywhere in France, Italy and Spain. We are aware that this trade is different the others: our Net surfers trust us on one of their most precious moments of their life, their holidays...

Camping la Presqu'île Find the perfect family holiday in Port barcarès by comparing the offers! Search for the residences in Port barcarès that offer a children's...

132 €

Résidence L'Aquaresort de Nérac Looking for a holiday village that has a children's club? You've come to the right place! You can search for and compare holiday rentals...

224 €

Price per accommodation and per week from